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Gescher, Jeannemarie. Becoming China: The Story Behind The State. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017. 800 pp.

Understanding China is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Despite being the target of much scholarship, the Middle Kingdom remains a mystery to most outsiders and is a source of concern as its political footprint increases around the globe. In this light, a new book on the Asian giant proposes to put the Chinese people front and centre of its research rather than regurgitate an often-repeated statist history. How do the Chinese think of themselves and the world? What is their place in it? What is a stable world order? What is justice? These are the bold questions Becoming China: The Story Behind a State attempts to answer.

Jeannemarie Gescher is a barrister by training. She has lived in China since 1989 and has advised governments and corporations on how to approach Beijing. On behalf of Swarajya, I sat down with her for a quick chat about her new book that is releasing on November 09, 2017.