Reading Lists

Any time I come across a conundrum, I like to start with a reading list. It is always a good idea to know how something came to be, its internal dynamics, and its external projections before offering your two bits on it. But reading lists are hard to come by – one might find a few books with a quick internet search, but one is never sure of the recommendations’ pedigree – who wrote it?; what was the audience?; what are the assumptions/biases?; what has been left out?; what has changed since the book was published?

Below are a few reading lists that I have put together – I have read all the suggested works myself, and the books have all survived the scrutiny of numerous university professors. Whether you agree with the arguments or not the point (in fact, that is a completely wrong approach); the point is that these works serve as a broad survey of various sub-disciplines in history.

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