This is one reading list I have not read all the way through. In fact, I have not read over half of it – it was just one of those projects one drifts into during a particularly strong Russophile phase of one’s youth. Sadly, my curiosity was sated before I could finish this list. Nonetheless, I have reproduced my project in its entirety in case it is of benefit to others.

  1. Acton, Edward. Alexander Herzen and the Role of the Intellectual Revolutionary
  2. Alexeyeva, Lyudmila. Soviet Dissent: Contemporary Movements for National, Religious, and Human Rights
  3. Allworth, Edward. Soviet Nationality Problems
  4. Amalrik, Andrei. Will the Soviet Union Survive until 1984
  5. Andrew, Christopher. KGB: The Inside Story of its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev
  6. Anisimov, EV. The Reforms of Peter the Great: Progress through Coercion in Russia
  7. Antonov‑Ovseenko, Anton. The Crimes of the Stalin Era
  8. Appelbaum, Anne. Gulag: A History
  9. Atkinson, Dorothy. The End of the Russian Land Commune, 1905‑1930
  10. —. The End of the Russian Land Commune, 1905‑1930
  11. Ascher, Abraham. Pavel Akselrod and the Development of Menshevism
  12. —. The Revolution of 1905
  13. Aves, Jonathan. Workers Against Lenin. Labour Protest and the Bolshevik Dictatorship, 1920-1922
  14. Avrich, Paul. Kronstadt 1921
  15. Bakunin, Mikhail. Statism and Anarchy
  16. Bailes, Kendall. Technology and Society under Lenin and Stalin
  17. Ball, Alan. Russia’s Last Capitalists. The Nepmen, 1921‑1929
  18. Baron, Samuel. Plekhanov: The Father of Russian Marxism
  19. —. Bloody Saturday in the Soviet Union: Novocherkassk, 1962
  20. Bennet, Andrew. Condemned to Repetition? The Rise, Fall, and Reprise of Soviet-Russian Military Interventionism, 1973-1996
  21. Benvenuti, Francesco. The Bolsheviks and the Red Army 1918‑1921
  22. Bergman, Jay. Vera Zasulich: A Biography
  23. Billington, James. Mikhailovsky and Russian Populism
  24. Black, Joseph. Essays on Karamzin: Russian Man-of-Letters, Political Thinker, Historian, 1766-1826
  25. Boffa, Guiseppe. The Stalin Phenomenon
  26. Bonner, Elene. Mothers and Daughters
  27. Brent, Jonathan, and VP Naumov. Stalin’s Last Crime: The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953
  28. Brovkin, Vladimir. Behind the Front Lines of the Civil War: Political Parties and Social Movements in Russia, 1918-1922
  29. —. The Mensheviks after October: Socialist Opposition and the Rise of the Bolshevik Dictatorship
  30. Brower, Daniel. Training the Nihilists: Education and Radicalism in Tsarist Russia
  31. Brumberg, Abraham. In Quest of Justice: Protest and Dissent in the Soviet Union Today
  32. Bukharin, Nikolai. Historical Materialism: A System of Sociology
  33. —. Economics of the Transformation Period
  34. Burdzhalov, Ėduard. Russia’s Second Revolution. The Feburary 1917 Uprising in Petrograd
  35. Byrnes, Robert. Pobedonostsev: His Life and Thought
  36. Cahm, Caroline. Peter Kropotkin and the Rise of Revolutionary Anarchism 1872‑1886
  37. Carr, Edward. Michael Bakunin
  38. —. The Bolshevik Revolution
  39. Chamberlin, William. The Russian Revolution, 1917‑1921
  40. Channon, John. Politics, Society and Stalinism in the USSR
  41. Chase, William. Workers, Safety, and the Soviet State
  42. Choldin, Marianna. A Fence around the Empire: Russian Censorship of Western Ideas under the Tsars
  43. Christoff, Peter. An Introduction to Nineteenth‑Century Russian Slavophilism
  44. Clements, Barbara. Bolshevik Women
  45. Clowes, Edith, Samuel Kassow, and James West. Between Tsar and People: Educated Society and the Quest for Public Identity in Late Imperial Russia
  46. Cohen, Stephen. Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution: A Political Biography, 1888-1938
  47. Colton, Timothy. Moscow: Governing the Socialist Metropolis
  48. Conquest, Robert. The Great Terror
  49. Copleston, Frederick. Philosophy in Russia: From Herzen to Lenin and Berdyaev
  50. Crisp, Olga and Linda Edmondson. Civil Rights in Imperial Russia
  51. Crockatt, Richard. The Fifty Years War
  52. Dallin, Alexander. Soviet Politics since Khrushchev
  53. Daly, Jonathan. Autocracy under Siege: Security Police and Opposition in Russia, 1866-1905
  54. Danilov, Viktor. Rural Russia under the New Regime
  55. Davies, Robert. Soviet Economic Development from Lenin to Khrushchev
  56. —. From Tsarism to the New Economic Policy
  57. —. The Socialist Offensive: The Collectivization of Soviet Ag­ri­cul­ture, 1929‑1930
  58. —. The Soviet Collective Farm, 1929‑1930
  59. —. The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia
  60. —. The Soviet Economy in Turmoil, 1929‑1930
  61. —. Soviet History in the Gorbachev Revolution
  62. Davies, Sarah. Popular Opinion in Stalin’s Russia. Terror, Propaganda and Dissent, 1934-1941
  63. De Jonge, Alex. Stalin and the Shaping of the Soviet Union
  64. Deutscher, Isaac. The Prophet Armed, 1879‑1921
  65. —. The Prophet Unarmed, 1921‑1929
  66. —. Stalin
  67. Dobrynin, Anatoly. In Confidence: Moscow’s Ambassador to Six Cold War Presidents
  68. Druzhnikov, Yuri. Informer 001: The Myth of Pavlik Morozov
  69. Edelman, Robert. Proletarian Peasants:  The Revolution of 1905 in Russia’s southwest
  70. Ehrenburg, Ilya. The Thaw
  71. Eklof, Ben, John Bushnell, and Larissa Zakharova, Russia’s Great Reforms, 1855-1881
  72. Elwood, Ralph. Inessa Armand: Revolutionary and Feminist
  73. Emmons, Terence. The Formation of Political Parties and the First Na­tional Elections in Russia
  74. —. The Russian Landed Gentry and the Peasant Emancipation of 1861
  75. Emmons, Terence, and Wayne Vucinich. The Zemstvo in Russia: An Experiment in Local Self-Government
  76. Engle, Barbara. Mothers and Daughters: Women of the Intelligentsia in Nineteenth‑Century Russia
  77. Erlich Alexander. The Soviet Industrialization Debate, 1924‑1928
  78. Farnsworth, Beatrice. Alexandra Kollontai: Socialism, Feminism, and the Bolshevik Revolution
  79. Field, Daniel. Rebels in the Name of the Tsar
  80. Figes, Orlando. Peasant Russia, Civil War: The Volga Countryside in Revolution, 1917‑1921
  81. Figner, Vera. Memoirs of a Revolutionist
  82. Filtzer, Donald. Soviet Workers and Late Stalinism: Labour and the Restoration of the Stalinist System after World War II
  83. Fitzpatrick, Shiela. Everyday Stalinism: Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times; Soviet Russia in the 1930s
  84. —. Stalin’s Peasants. Resistance and Survival in the Russian Village After Collectivization
  85. —. The Cultural Front. Power and Culture in Revolution­ary Russia
  86. —. Cultural Revolution in Russia
  87. —. The Commissariat of Enlightenment
  88. Fitzpatrick, Sheila, Alexander Rabinowitch, and Richard Stites. Russia in the Era of NEP
  89. Footman, David. The Alexander Conspiracy: A Life of A.I. Zheliabov
  90. Frankel, Edith, Jonathan Frankel, and Baruch Knei‑Paz. Revolution in Russia: Reassessments of 1917
  91. Fursenko, Aleksandr, and Timothy J. Naftali. One Hell of a Gamble: Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-1964
  92. Galai, Shmuel. The Liberation Movement in Russia, 1900‑1905
  93. Galili y Garcia, Ziva. The Menshevik Leaders in the Russian Revolution: Social Realities and Political Strategies
  94. —. The Menshevik Leaders of the Petrograd Soviet, 1917
  95. Garthoff, Raymond. Détente and Confrontation: American-Soviet Relations from Nixon to Reagan
  96. Gati, Charles. Failed Illusions: Moscow, Washington, Budapest, and the 1956 Hungarian Revolt
  97. Geifman, Anna. Thou Shalt Kill: Revolutionary Terrorism in Russia, 1894-1917
  98. von Geldern, and Richard Stites. Mass Culture in Soviet Russia, 1917-1953
  99. Gerson, Lennard. The Secret Police in Lenin’s Russia
  100. Getty, Arch. The Road to Terror: Stalin and the Self-Destruction of the Bolsheviks, 1932-1939
  101. Getzler, Israel. Kronstadt 1917-1921: The Fate of a Soviet Democracy
  102. Gill, Graeme. The Origins of the Stalinist Political System
  103. Ginzburg, Evgenia. Journey into the Whirlwind
  104. Gleason, Abbott. European and Muscovite: Ivan Kireevsky and the Origins of Slavophilism
  105. —. Young Russia: The Genesis of Russian Radicalism in the 1860s
  106. Gleason, Abbott., Peter Kenez, and Richard Stites. Bolshevik Culture: Experiment and Order in the Russian Revolution
  107. Gleijeses, Peiro. Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959-76
  108. Goldman, Wendy. Women at the Gates. Gender and Industry in Stalin’s Russia
  109. Got’e, Iurii Vladimirovich. Times of Trouble [1917-1922]
  110. Graham, Loren. The Ghost of the Executed Engineer
  111. Groys, Boris. The Total Art of Stalinism: Avant-Garde, Aesthetic Dictatorship and Beyond
  112. Günther, Hans. The Culture of the Stalin Period
  113. Haberer, Erich. Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth Century Russia
  114. Haimson, Leopold. The Politics of Rural Russia, 1905‑1911
  115. Hamburg, Gary. Boris Chicherin and Early Russian Liberalism, 1828-1866
  116. —. Politics and The Russial Nobility, 1881‑1905
  117. Hansen, Marc, and Nikita Petrov. Stalin’s Loyal Executioner: People’s Commissar Nikolai Ezhov, 1895-1940
  118. Harcave, Sidney. The Russian Revolution of 1905
  119. Hardy, Deborah. Land and Freedom: The Origins of Russian Terrorism, 1876‑1879
  120. —. Peter Tkachev: The Critic as Jacobin
  121. Harris, James. The Great Urals: Regionalism and the Evolution of the Soviet System
  122. Harrison, Hope. Driving the Soviets Up the Wall: Soviet-East German Relations, 1953-1961
  123. Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi. The February Revolution: Petrograd 1917
  124. Heuman, Susan. Kistiakovsky: The Struggle for National and Constitutional Rights in the Last Years of Tsarism
  125. Hildermeier, Manfred. The Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party before the First World War
  126. Hillyar, Anna, and Jane McDermid. Revolutionary Women in Russia 1870-1917: A Study in Collective Biography
  127. Hogan, Heather. Forging Revolution. Metalworkers, Managers, and the State in St. Petersburg, 1890-1914
  128. Holloway, David. Stalin and the Bomb: The Soviet Union and Atomic Energy,1939-1956
  129. Holmes, Larry. The Kremlin and the Schoolhouse: Reforming Education in Soviet Russia, 1917-1931
  130. Hopkins, Mark. Russia’s Underground Press: The Chronicle of Current Events
  131. Hosking, Geoffrey. The Awakening of the Soviet Union
  132.  —. The Russian Constitutional Experiment
  133. Hughes, James. Stalinism in a Russian Province. A Study in Collectivization and Dekulakization in Siberia
  134. Hughes, Lindsey. Russia in the Age of Peter the Great
  135. Hunter, Holland, and Janusz Szyrmer. Faulty Foundations: Soviet Economic Policies: 1928-1940
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  151. Kelley, Donald, and Shannon Davis. The Sons of Sergei: Khrushchev and Gorbachev as Reformers
  152. Kenez, Peter. The Birth of the Propaganda State: Soviet Methods of Mass Mobilisation
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  154. Kenez, Peter, William Rosenberg, and Ronald Suny. Party, State, and Society in the Russian Civil War
  155. Kennan, George. The Nuclear Delusion: Soviet American Relations in the Atomic Age
  156. Khlevniuk, Oleg. In Stalin’s shadow: The Career of Sergo Ordzhonikidze
  157. Khrushchev, Nikita. Khrushchev Remembers
  158. King, David. The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia
  159. Kingston‑Mann, Esther. Lenin and the Problem of Marxist Peasant Revolution
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  163. Knei‑Paz, Baruch. The Social and Political Thought of Leon Trotsky
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  165. —. Who Killed Kirov?
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